Weekend Hardware Sales - $30 Source 210, $55 Mechanical Keyboard, PSU

By Published April 04, 2014 at 5:11 pm

After posting a somewhat lengthy analysis of nVidia's interesting market position right now, I figured it was time for content that's a bit easier to digest (and write). In this edition of our weekend-ly hardware sales round-up, we've got CM Storm's QuickFire mechanical keyboard (MX Brown), a 750W Gold PSU, another M500, and NZXT's Source 210.

SeaSonic 750W Gold PSU ($80): Using code EMCPFPF35 at checkout gets you a $20 instant discount on this power supply, but the stackable $20 MIR brings it down to $80 clean. The G-750 is a 750W modular PSU with 80 Plus Gold certification, making it one of the more affordable-yet-efficient PSUs available right now.

Crucial M500 120GB SSD ($70): Using code EMCPFPF24 at checkout brings Crucial's M500 SSD down to $70. After testing Kingston's NAND switch in the V300 SSD, we determined that the M500 seemed to be the best value in the competing budget SSD space. This gets you 120GB with a fast controller, synchronous NAND, and a generally reliable brand.

NZXT Source 210 Budget Case ($30): The Source 210 is an entry-level mid-tower ATX enclosure for ultra-budget PC builds. It's presently available for $30 after MIR, and although the space is limited and it only ships with 1x120mm fan, it's still an excellent price for a "Cheap Bastard's PC build," as we call them. Grabbing a fan for $5 is also possible right now, making this a $35 purchase for 2x120mm fans.

Pick of the Week

CM Storm QuickFire Pro Mech. Keyboard ($55): Cooler Master's Storm QuickFire Pro keyboard uses Cherry MX brown switches, which are generally regarded as one of the best mechanical keyboard switches for gaming. This keyboard is a full-sized mechanical keyboard with numpad that retails at $75, but an active rebate brings us down to $55 -- an easy purchase for anyone wanting to get into mechanical keyboards on a budget.

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

Steve Burke

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