Weekend Hardware Sales - NZXT HUE, $400 1TB SSD, $170 8350

By Published June 21, 2014 at 2:08 pm

This weekend's sales roundup features an LED controller for $28, case fans at $16, an AMD CPU for $170, and a 1 TB SSD for just $400. If these deals don't whet your appetite for improving your system, first - get a better appetite, then keep posted to our Twitter and Facebook accounts for more sales and deals throughout the week. Also subscribe to our YouTube channel for build tips, interviews, and reviews.

NZXT HUE RGB Led Controller ($28): The NZXT HUE LED controller allows you to manipulate color, brightness, and pulsation of RGB LEDs. It fits in any 5.25” external bay and has a mesh underlay to help it blend with any other case that has a mesh design. The HUE comes with an instant savings of $9 that is added to by using “EMCPDWC94” at check out for an additional 15% off, bringing the final price to $28.

Cooler Master 200mm Blue LED Fan ($16): When extra cooling is needed, the Cooler Master 200mm fan should help fill your needs. It comes with blue LEDs, though non-LED versions are available. Using “EMCPDW37” at checkout will get an additional 20% off, which brings the price down to $16. This checkout code will apply to all the fans on this list in case you are looking for a different size or color.

AMD FX-8350 ($170): AMD's FX-8350 is an 8-core CPU that just screams to be overclocked. It comes with a native 4.0 GHz (4.2 GHz with AMD Turbo boost active) frequency and 8MB L3 cache. This chip comes with a $30 discount that brings it down to $170.

Pick of the Week:

Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSD ($400): Samsung's 840 EVO SSD comes with an instant $100 off and free shipping to bring the price to an even $400. Decreased load times, increased performance in games, and a very large storage space make this a great option. It also works for those who are too lazy to transfer programs between an SSD and HDD.

Check back every weekend for more sales round-ups!

- Scott "Abibiliboop" Griffin.                  

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