Weekend Hardware Sales - Tt Gaming Mouse, $45 GameCom 780, More

By Published July 11, 2014 at 11:31 am

In the beginning, there was ENIAC. It was programmable and it was good… OK -- so it was large, bulky, couldn’t play anything fun, and had no use for any of these featured items, but without it we wouldn't be here today. This week we are focusing on peripherals with a CLC at $58, 4 case fans for $5, a laser gaming mouse at $40, and a Plantronics 780 for only $45. Continue to check out our Twitter and Facebook feeds for more interesting deals throughout the week. Also subscribe to our YouTube channel for build tips and product reviews as they happen.

Corsair Hydro Series H60 CLC ($58): The Corsair H60 CLC is a great introduction to liquid cooling. It usually will mount in place of the rear exhaust fan and comes with a low-profile radiator so it won't interfere with any nearby components. Unfortunately, the thickness of the radiator also helps its cooling ability, so it isn't as efficient a cooler as it could be. The H60 comes with an instant savings of $32 which puts this comfortably in the middle price range for air coolers and higher-end CLCs.

Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing 120mm ($5): If your case needs increased airflow and the budget is tight, an extra fan or two is the way to go. This 4 pack of 1200 RPM fans run quietly—only 19.1 dBA, which is between a whisper and gently rustling leaves—while managing to push out 44.73 CFM of air each. Use checkout code “EMCPCWP96” to increase the instant savings a rebate for a final price of only $1.25/fan.

Thermaltake Tt eSports Theron Gaming Mouse ($40): Thermaltake's Theron gaming mouse features a laser sensor with variable DPI from 100 up to 5600 DPI. It also features adjustable weights, 7 different lighting colors (affecting three stripes on the bottom, the scroll wheel, and a dragon logo), as well as 128KB on board memory for portable macro key bindings. The software that comes with the mouse isn't very good, and based on a number of recent reviews, it hasn't improved much lately. Still, the hardware is solid. The Theron comes with an instant savings of $5 and rebate for $25 to drop the final price to $40.

Pick of the week

Plantronics GameCom 780 / LoL ($45):  Since League of Legends still holds the top spot on Raptr's most played list for June, it seems only fitting to have a deal to celebrate that. This headset is the most-recommended addition for our builds and comes bundled with LoL flair. The USB connector makes for easy plug in to front of almost any case or keyboard. Decent sound and a good mic make this mid-range headset our favored choice. It currently has a + 10% off promo code “RMNSUMR10” and additional $30 off right now to bring the price down to just $45. We recently did an article on the refresh version, the 788, so the current model is going to be getting phased out soon most likely. Grab it while you can.

See you same GN time (or within spitting distance of it), same GN place (i.e. here... unless we move the domain and really mess up my evil plans) next week for more ways to save your money while getting the items needed to thrive in-game.

- Scott "Abibiliboop" Griffin.

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