Weekend Hardware Sales - Mechanical Keyboard, Budget Case, 480GB SSD

By Published July 20, 2014 at 2:13 pm

To celebrate the middle of Summer (also known as "oh no, its almost time to start the back to school count-down clock"), we take a look at some items to make “homework” much more enjoyable. Our weekend sales round-up features the G710 mechanical keyboard for $120, a case from NZXT for only $55, the last-gen MSI Z87-G41 for $70, and a Mushkin 480GB SSD at $210. Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts for all of our articles and additional sales throughout the week (and if you don't, we will hunt you down and force you to watch Killer Clowns From Outer Space -- you have been warned).


Logitech G710+ ($120): The Logitech G710 mechanical keyboard features Cherry MX Brown switches for quieter key clicks and the usual anti-ghosting features, as most quality mechanical keyboards have. The keyboard also features 6 macro programmable keys on the left side (each capable of holding 3 macros), 4 brightness levels for the back lighting, and swappable WASD and arrow keys for easier recognition. The instant $30 savings make this a good pick-up if you're eager to move to mechanical... or plan to write tirelessly and want minimal typing fatigue (looking at you, editors).

NZXT Guardian 921 ($55): This mid-tower case comes with a large blue side panel, a blue LED side panel fan, and 2 other fans pre-installed. Due to its relative age, there aren't any USB 3.0 ports on the front, though it does have eSATA, USB 2.0, and audio ports on the front panel. The case has an instant savings of $21, bringing the total price to only $55.

MSI Z87-G41 ($70): This last-gen mobo features the Intel 1150 socket, memory speeds up to 2600MHz, 4xSATA headers, 4xUSB 3.0 ports, and most other features expected from a mid-level Intel board. With a $10 rebate and $35 off coupon code (BGK134584), the final price is brought to only $70. The entry-level OC capabilities of this board and inexpensive price make pushing some of the Pentium or i3 chips a cost-effective venture for a budget build.

Pick of the week

Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 480GB SSD ($210): Mushkin's SSD comes with enough space to not include an HDD if you'd like run everything with the increased performance an SSD grants. Although it is still recommended to grab a larger drive for archival storage, this should allow an operating system and a decent number of games to be installed without reaching the limits of the drive. At $150 off right now, the final price comes to around $0.44/GB.

Hope you all have a great week, and as always, if you have questions about these parts or want assistance with a build, post in the comments or on our forums.

- Scott "Abibiliboop" Griffin.

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