Weekly Game Sales: $14 Borderlands 2, $7 Bioshock Infinite, $12 Anno 2070

By Published October 13, 2014 at 12:04 pm

This week we have another batch of games for sale. Last time we plumbed the depths of Amazon for some great deals, we found Assassin's Creed IV for $15, Civ V for $10, and other affordable titles. To spread the love of great savings, we decided to see what deals Newegg has this week – now that they've revamped their game software efforts – and we got lucky. It seems both 2K and Ubisoft have some major title discounts right now. 2K’s ends on 10/17 and Ubisoft’s ends 10/14.

We listed a few of the best deals below, but be sure to check them all out.

The Darkness II ($5): Jackie Estacado returns with his little Darklings to wreck unholy havoc on those worse than him... which is really saying a lot. The creative uses of the powers in darkness and the fun comic book style design makes this a very stylistic shooter. You don’t even need to consume any hearts to get the instant discount of 83% off. Grab this deal, shut off the lights, and sell yourself to the carnage you create.

Borderlands 2 GOTY ($14): This is a very deep and profound drama piece that will move users to tears with the passion displayed by the characters that are met along the way – especially Mr. Torgue. And by “move to tears,” I mean “blow to tiny, tiny giblets.” If you haven’t heard of this series, you don’t know what you're missing, to include: Shotgun-wielding "midgets," robots of doom, a psychopathic 13 year old, and lots of warped humor. The upcoming Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is all about the back-story of the boss of this game, so definitely grab some friends and play this before the Pre-Sequel launches on 10/14. The instant savings drops the price by over $26 to just under $14.

BioShock Infinite ($7.50): BioShock Infinite is a solid first-person shooter that features the fun and creative slaughtering of the first two games, while not being constrained to the ocean. The BioShock series set designs have always been impressive – Infinite is no exception, taking place on a flying city with the ability to alter reality and time. This game currently has a 75% discount for a final price of only $7.50.

Pick of the Week

Anno 2070 Complete Edition ($12.50): For those who love city building games, the Anno series has always been a great choice. The entire Anno series consists of setting up production and housing on various islands and trading resources between them. Anno 2070 takes this premise to the future and brings in some interesting technology, including the ability to set up underwater farming. Graphically, this game is well-designed and the future is beautifully created – even with the pollution (smog in LA only spreads, it seems). There are some minor combat elements to the game, but the combat really doesn’t creep too much into the city building aspect (a bit of research and some quick building allows easy dominance of most of the A.I. controlled players). There is a very active online community and lots of in-game community features, like voting for improvements and community missions. An instant savings of over $37 brings the final price to under $13.

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- Scott "Abibiliboop" Griffin.

Last modified on October 13, 2014 at 12:04 pm

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