Black Friday Preview: $340 R9 290 Liquid Cooled Video Card

By Published November 13, 2014 at 10:59 pm

It's “Black November” again – presumably next year will be “Black 2015,” at the rate we're going. Regardless, there are legitimately worthwhile sales in the gaming hardware and software worlds. We've got full round-ups coming in short order, but for the meantime, we'll just highlight VisionTek's R9 290 “CryoVenom” sale.

We first looked at the CryoVenom video card while at CES 2014, whereupon we noted that the card would make for an excellent overclocking candidate and could potentially challenge the R9 290X at a lower price. VisionTek's “CryoVenom” branding is indicative of liquid cooling support. The R9 290 CryoVenom card is capable of open loop cooling integration, hosting an EK block and mounting points for tubing.

The card normally runs a fair bit more expensive, but is presently available for $340 – just barely above the price of an air cooled R9 290 solution ($300). Note that this doesn't factor in the open loop cost, but users of open loops should already be familiar with the additional requirements.

Either way, at $340, it's not a bad start to an open loop build. Find it here.

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- Stewart "stewpot" Brooks.

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