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Welcome to your cute conniption

Guiding Eets through insane levels with exploding super-pigs and marshmallows may sound like fun and games, but I assure you… it’s not. Eets has an emotional eating disorder, where his mood instantly changes by eating different color marshmallows. Eating a yellow marshmallow makes Eets happy, a red marshmallow angers him, and green marshmallows sadden Eets.  Eets will only jump off of ledges if he’s happy or angry; he’ll jump farther when he’s angry.  You must clear Eets a path to the orange puzzle piece in each level in order to continue his adventure.

Do what sensei marshmallow says, he’s wise beyond his years.

Eets comes in contact with many different characters and objects throughout his travels, including Prankster Whales, Radioactive Ginseng, and Exploding Super-pigs. All of these characters operate in one of two ways: either you click them or hit them with something. For example, clicking on a ‘Radioactive Ginseng’ Creator will shoot out some ginseng. This ginseng can hit Eets, making him angry, or can be used to turn on light bulbs. More characters and objects are added by developers and are available for download in Puzzle Packs.  These puzzle packs also come with new maps for the player to solve. The puzzles in Eets are at first very enjoyable, but the originality quickly fades since the puzzles don’t get any harder, and rely more and more on timing. You’ll quickly understand the use of each object and that you’re simply using different combinations of them to the same puzzle with a different face over and over again. One map in particular requires you to shoot Eets with a chocolate chip cannon as he attempts to jump over it.  This map was incredibly frustrating.  It was ranked the hardest puzzle level, but the puzzle itself was elementary: the only difficult part was trying to shoot Eets with the cannon at the correct time.  After about ten minutes of shooting chocolate chips to bounce Eets just the right amount, you’ll never want to see his over-expressive face again.

Click the whales! Just don’t let Eets pass one, you’ll have to start again.

The best part of Eets is the community and map editor. The map editor provides the player with the tools to create just about any type of puzzle you can imagine.  After selecting background, foreground, lighting, and music, you begin building.  Place any type of terrain at any angle in any location!  Fill it with exploding pigs and have the time of your life blowing things up!  Unfortunately, you’ll still lack instant gratification for your creations unless you have a friend sitting next to you who’s willing to solve your puzzles. You can even set what object locations are revealed when your friends click the “hint” button.  After creation, players can then upload their maps onto the site and share them with the world.  The community’s favorite maps are featured on the homepage of the Eets website, and are available for download by anyone who wants to try them out.

Jump angry Eets, jump!

The Good: Eets is pretty cute. The characters are diverse and are being expanded on everyday with new puzzle packs.  The community continually creates new and improved puzzles to make you laugh, cry, and solve inner turmoil.  The map editor is very expansive, allowing you to pour your creativity into the world of Eets.

The Bad: The puzzles that are initially in the game are very mundane and routine.  You’ll find nothing new from puzzle to puzzle.  Timing is a larger issue in puzzles than using physics and logic to find a solution.  Bugs occur all the time with Eets getting caught on masses of chocolate chips in mid-air, landing on food and getting caught instead of eating it, and the destructible terrain leaving miniscule amounts of land for things to get caught on.  Soon after beginning, you’ll realize you’d rather be playing Armadillo Run.

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