2013 Cooler Master Case Modding Competition Kicks Off

By Published October 14, 2013 at 10:11 pm

There's been a bit of localized interest in case modding since we posted our introductory guide with BS Mods & Rod Rosenberg a while back. The fact is that case modding is an incredibly rewarding, easy-to-get-into avenue to give your PC unique charm.

An upcoming case mod by user Corsaronero333.

Case, cooling, & power manufacturer Cooler Master hosts a mod competition every year, and this year's event spots $20,000 in computer hardware prizes. Modders have until October 31st to sign up on the CM forum, where they'll be keeping a build log for their progress. Images and descriptors must accompany the thread as the build progresses.


Cooler Master has announced two categories for its mod contest: Tower Mod and Scratch Build. The "Tower Mod" category requires a case that is made by Cooler Master. Scratch Build is a bit more advanced:

  • For the “Scratch Build” category the case you use could be built from any material you like. If you choose to use a prefabricated case, please use the following guide lines:
  • No display of any manufactures logo.
  • Final product must not be recognizable compared to its original design.
  • At least (1) Cooler Master product must be included in the mod  

    Three winners will be declared for each build type. For a sampling of the prize pool, here's the first-place selection for the Scratch Build category:


    case-mods-2If you're interested in CM's Case Mod contest, check out the rules here: http://mod.coolermaster.com/

    If you'd like to follow the work of CM's modders, you can check all of their entries out here

    Other relevant coverage includes their "Mod-Tower HAF Stacker," a modular PC enclosure we filmed at PAX.

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