Video Hands-On with the Kingston HyperX Case Mod by BS Mods

By Published January 18, 2014 at 10:55 pm

Taking a break from some of the more research-intensive content we've posted this week, we now turn to BS Mods for another look at one of the industry's most interesting trades: Case modding. We've previously worked with Bob Stewart and Rod Rosenberg to bring you an introduction to case modding series, but have now returned with their latest piece of machine work.

The BS Mods crew is one of a couple professional case modding teams in the industry; hardware companies often contract case modding artisans to build custom display boxes fitting a new product's theme. The obvious choice here is case manufacturers, who can provide a new chassis to the mod group and request a piece for the show floor (like this StarCraft 2 one). When working with companies that don't produce enclosures -- like Kingston -- things get a little more difficult, since those companies would either have to source a case from elsewhere or order a custom build. BS Mods and the HyperX brand went with a custom build, and it's pretty damn cool:

Rod Rosenberg noted that one of the biggest challenges this time was "getting the concept from Bob's head over to a 3D design." He further noted that when machining the metal, they only had 3/8" of metal to work with before cutting out an additional 1/4" -- leaving them with only 1/8" of metal for the mod; the crew used 5/8-11 threaded set screws, which meant they only had 1 thread turn for each screw -- too much or too little would result in stripping.


If you're interested in learning more about BS Mods and other modders, we'd recommend checking out these resources:


- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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