AMD's Net Income Up 1325% in 2013 - Attributes Graphics Solutions

By Published January 22, 2014 at 2:03 pm

AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) has been on the rise over the past year, and a lot of it is attributed to the company's Graphics & Visual Solutions Group, the organization housing Radeon and the PS4/XB-One SoCs.

  Q4-13 Q3-13 Q4-12 2013 2012
Revenue $1.59B $1.46B $1.16B $5.30B $5.42B
Operating Income
$135mm $95mm $(422)mm $103mm $(1.06)B
Net Income / 
Earnings per share
$89mm / $0.12 $48mm / $0.06 $(473)mm / $(0.63) $(83)mm / $(0.11) $(1.18)B / $(1.60)

The company's revenue fell 2% ($5.3B to $5.4B) over the past year, but its income has increased tremendously -- a reported 1125% change for operating income (2013 over 2012) and 1325% change for net income. AMD's overall loss for the year was $83mm, which is pennies compared to its $1.3B loss the preceding year. This stated, Advanced Micro Devices reported a profit for Q4 2013 -- so while they've had an overall loss, an $89mm Q4 profit is better than they've seen in a long time.

For those who love AMD's CPU solutions, the bad news is that its CPU group dropped (yet again) 22% in its revenue, further supporting AMD's move to more heavily focus on graphics hardware. The graphics division increased 55% in revenue, climbing from $1.4B to $2.2B in 2013.

1-21-2014-SELECTED-CORPORATE-DATAClick to enlarge.

If you're wondering why AMD's stock is down nearly 11% today, it can be attributed to its projection of an initial 16% decline in quarterly revenue for Q1 2014; even with this decline -- which is somewhat expected -- AMD will be ahead of the game over last year. AMD CEO Rory Read said he expects continued momentum through 2014 "as we increase game console SoC shipments for the year and pursue new wins from our semi-custom design pipeline."

AMD's stock has climbed 70% in the last 12 months overall.

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- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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