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Battlefield 4 2/18 Patch Notes - Mantle Fix

By Published February 17, 2014 at 3:42 am

Amidst all the excitement of EA/Respawn's Titanfall (benchmarks here, crash fixes here, PC build here), it seems that Battlefield 4 is trying to be unforgotten. On the 13th, DICE launched yet another patch for BF4 that will hopefully stabilize the game enough for the DLC that's coming out on the 18th (coincidentally around when the Titanfall beta ends). Since launching in October, EA has been continuously hounded for the disappointment that was Battlefield 4.

In response to Battlefield's many issues at launch, Executive Vice President of EA Patrick Soderlund explained that developers were faced with the challenge of 'releasing a complex game.' BF4 was released on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and the PC, and is one of the first games to implement AMD's new Mantle technology. Battlefield is a fairly consistent multi-platform game that doesn't see a whole lot of change between iterations and BF4 featured an open beta that was playable on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. Soderlund went on to assure investors that “based on our pre-launch testing, our beta performance, we were confident the game was ready when it was launched.”

Apparently not.

20 Patches later, Battlefield 4 might be the game that was originally promised. Below are the patch notes courtesy of the BattleLog. The patch is only for the PC.

- Paige "dino pillow" Spears.

Feb 13 Battlefield 4 Update Notes

-General stability improvements

-Fix for an issue where spawning into, or switching to, a gunner seat in an IFV/MBT sometimes could cause the game to crash

-Fix for missing sound in Team/Squad Deathmatch

-Fix for an issue in the Defuse game mode, where a bomb carrier would be permanently spotted

-Decreased the rate at which the kill card would incorrectly display 0 health, while the enemy was clearly alive

-Fix for an invisible wall that was incorrectly present in one of the fallen concrete pipes on Zavod 311

-Fix for an issue where bullet impact sounds weren’t properly matching the actual number of impacts

-Fix for an issue where the “Draw” message would not display on-screen once a Conquest round ended with both teams having the same amount of tickets

-Fix for an issue where long IDs wouldn’t scroll on dog tags

-Fix for missing grass physics in terrain

Battlefield 4 Mantle Fixes

-Fix for a crash that would occur when activating full screen in portrait mode

-Fix for stuttering that could appear during video sequences on multi-GPU PCs

-Fix for a memory system leak that could cause stalls, which would result in frames taking longer to process

-Reduced the amount of stalls that occurred when running with high graphics setting that require more GPU memory than is currently available

-Fixed screenshots on multi-GPU PCs

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