EverQuest Next Landmark Closed Beta Launch Date Set for 26th

By Published March 20, 2014 at 2:51 pm

For those who followed our EverQuest Next: Landmark and EverQuest Next coverage two days ago, we mentioned the topic of another article pending publication for today. While at GDC 2014, Director of Development Dave Georgeson answered several community questions for us (re-embedded the video below for your convenience) and told us about upcoming events. The biggest – Landmark’s closed beta initiates on March 26th, next week.

Georgeson explained that a complete server wipe is in store for beta, but was quick to note that creations won’t be lost. By templating and saving your creations, you’ll be able to pop them back down in beta after collecting the appropriate materials. We were told that the very last day of alpha will be March 23rd, so you’ve still got some time to back up data.

Claims will also be wiped, but SOE has decided to template those for the players as a backup. Georgeson recommends individually templating your claim so that you can restore it in pieces, since the claims will require more resources to stake in closed beta.

The below will be posted by Georgeson on Landmark’s community page some time today:

Hello, Landmarkians!

Our Alpha has been absolutely fantastic. We could not have asked for a better result with you, the players, finding a huge assortment of radical new ways to use our building tools and cooperating so incredibly to push the boundaries of our game. Thank you!

But now, Alpha is about to end and Closed Beta is about to start!

When does Closed Beta start? Wednesday, March 26th. Right around the corner!

To prepare for Closed Beta, the servers will be down so we can wipe data and set up the new islands. Those preparation days will be Monday and Tuesday, March 24th and 25th.

Therefore, the last day of Alpha isSunday, March 23rd. So party this weekend like it's the end of the world! (Because it is! Very, very briefly. ;)

To get ready for the end of Alpha, we *highly recommend* that you template any items on your claims that you want to resurrect during Closed Beta. Consider templating things with props, without props, and possibly even re-textured as dirt or something simple so that you can rebuild it easily when you have few resources available. (NOTE: When the claims are wiped at the end of Alpha, we will be templating each of your claims for you, BUT many of your claims require vast amounts of resources before they can be placed so it still might be beneficial for you to go in and make individual templates to make it easier to restore pieces of your claim as you gain resources.)

What will the data wipe entail? EVERYTHING will be wiped...except your character name and appearance, your templates and any items you purchased (Founder's Pack items or marketplace purchases). Yes, that means everything else. When Closed Beta begins, you will need to gather new resources, craft new tools and make new claims from scratch again.

Everyone starts at the same place.

Upward and onward! And please be sure to welcome all our new Closed Beta friends when they arrive!

Let us know if you have further questions for Georgeson or the team.

Keep an eye on the EverQuest Next Landmark site for signups: https://www.eqnlandmark.com/home

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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