The Xbox 720?

By Published June 26, 2009 at 5:01 pm

Project Phoenix, Microsoft's anti-PS3 weapon?  

Microsoft became king of cliche when they discovered the letter X, dubbing their square BOX the X-Box, and they're at it again with Project Phoenix.

The Xbox 720, A.K.A the Zbox, A.K.A Project Phoenix, finally has been set in motion by Microsoft.  While there are little details surrounding the scenario thus far, there are a couple of tidbits of information we gathered that may clear a few things up.  On June 24th, Microsoft alledgedly released a new software development engine to a select group of developers, understood to be a compilation of more powerful dev software, capable of increased anti-aliasing, framerates, anastropic filtering, and overall a better graphical experience for the gamers.

This new toolset is meant to take better advantage of the Xbox 360's hardware than the current tools, enabling enhanced visuals and performance.  Even when running older Xbox 360 games on Project Phoenix, reports say that graphic enhancements are apparent.  We do not currently have any fact-based knowledge regarding technical specs of the "new" Xbox, although Microsoft Representatives have stated that Project Phoenix is more tuned toward a software development upgrade that will take advantage of older hardware. 

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