StarCraft 2: No Life for Aiur?

By Published June 26, 2009 at 11:02 pm

After browsing StarCraft II's website for case modding ideas, I noticed a disturbance in the alignment of races.  It seems that the Zealot, the epitome of the Protoss race, no longer offers "[his] Life for Aiur!"  It gets worse...




Here's the problem: anyone who played StarCraft knows damn well that clicking on a Zealot, the core Protoss melee unit, will emit an array of vocal statements, such as "My Life for Aiur," or "Into our doom!"  This badassery gave the player an incentive to charge into the fray, because the Zealots just sounded so awesome.  They sounded like aliens too - not like (at the time) low-budget American voice actors.  That's all gone.  The Zealot now sounds like a Terran, even if they flanger his voice a little at the beginning and end of audio clips.  He looks like a cartoon.  He sounds like an idiot, not like a badass.  AND HE DOESN'T SAY MY LIFE FOR AIUR! Blizzard, you better be holding onto that voice for the release, because if he honestly does not say "My Life for Aiur", I will not play the Protoss.  Hopefully Blizzard is just holding back the arsenal of awesome voices, such as Aiur and "Need a light?" but I am skeptical with their new "we own a multi-billion dollar WoW franchise, so we will make StarCraft look like WarCraft" attitude.

To recreate this problem, go to, click Features, click Protoss, choose Zealot, click the speaker button numerous times.  

I hope I am proven wrong! Maybe the bank repossessed Aiur?  Or it got foreclosed?  Bailout please!


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