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By Published July 26, 2009 at 3:41 pm

After reviewing Demigod, we've had our eyes out on the game's site for cool updates.  The developers are very devoted to their game, and their promise to add new demigods has come through!

"We also went into great detail on the 2 new demigods that are in development." Said 'FrogBoy', one of the most active developers in the community,  "I am anticipating being able to go into significant detail on these in the next couple of weeks now that they’ve moved beyond a bunch of “assets” and are starting to come together."  He added, "Tentatively we are looking at one general and one assassin. One will be of the forces of light and the other the forces of darkness. One will be melee oriented, the other projectile oriented."

Sounds great!  A new general and a new assassin, one melee and one ranged, how much better does it get?  Pretty balanced sounding.  There are lots of updates to be added to the game, including replays, clans, and more.  The list is long, so click Read More to find out about the update!

Here is the complete list, as seen on the DG forums:

"For version 1.2 itself our list is:

  • Replays (managed)
  • Rematches
  • Additional items & balancing
  • New Demigod #1 (may be released separately)
  • New Demigod #2 (may be released separately)
  • Squelch (silence users in game) /squelch frogboy (right from SupCom)
  • Option to turn off Arena background
  • Various Bug fixes
  • More AI improvements (if anyone in the community wants to make LUA suggestions I’ll forward them on)
  • New AI options  (on death)
    • 1. Gold/ XP: High (= to what it is today)
    • 2. Gold/ XP: Normal (= 50% what killing a human player would be worth) [default]
    • 3. Gold/ XP: Low (=25% of what killing a human player would be worth)
  • New AI option:
    • 1. Hitpoints: Very High (2X what they are today)
    • 2. Hitpoints: High (1.5 what they are today) [Default]
    • 3. Hitpoints: Normal (1.0 what they are today)
    • 4. Hitpoints: Low (0.75 what they are today)
  • Modding Support:
    • 1. Quickie SDK that explains how to make maps
    • 2. Quickie SDK that explains how to make demigods
    • 3. Quickie SDK that explains how to make items
  • New Option: Use Mods (allows mods to be used in single player)
  • Hosts would select which mods to use.
  • We would begin including mods submitted in updated builds.
  • If a player does not have a mod, then it’s not used.
  • More robust Pantheon and Skirmish handling (slot time to work with us to make this system work better).
  • Connection Info would display a player’s rank/experience to better balance custom games

Other things that are being discussed without a consensus yet:

  • Should custom games be ranked?
  • How do we make it easy for people to create team games (that doesn’t involve a lot of UI work)
  • How do we make pantheon/skirmish games more flexible (1 on 1, 2 on 2, etc.)
  • Ways of handling pre-made teams
  • Ways for hosts to ban people from joining their games. (personal ban lists)"

You can read the rest here.
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