EA Promises Stronger Release for Brütal Legend

By Published August 05, 2009 at 2:15 am

EA Games CEO John Riccitello fights back säd memöries of the poor release of both Mirror's Edge and Dead Space last year, stating that they didn't do as well as they should have because EA "put these games right on top of some very strong competitive launches."  QQ, EA, yes, other people make games, too.  EA went further, "they just didn't meet the expectations we had in fiscal '09."  Electronic Arts is "less than pleased" with marketing methods used to promote the games, saying the it is not something they plan to repeat this year.  They plan to promote Brütal Legend (that is annoying to type) by asking fans to pose in acts of lust with Jack Black.

In all seriousness, Riccitello said, "With regard to Dragon Age: Origins, it's a title coming from BioWare.  It's got a built-in audience given the strong reputation of BioWare, and Brutal Legend is one of the most unique franchises I've seen in a very, very, very long time.  So we are stepping up marketing.  We're going at it aggressively."

So let's see those pictures!

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Steve Burke

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First world problems, Steve. First world problems.

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