Star Citizen FPS Module Screenshots & Gameplay Preview

By Published November 01, 2014 at 6:00 am

Today marks the official unveil of Star Citizen's FPS module, an add-on to the existing “Arena Commander” DFM (Dog-Fighting Module). For those caught unawares, Star Citizen has raised nearly $60 million in crowd-sourced funding and aims to be one of the biggest, most comprehensive space simulators of gaming history. We've written about the game several times in the past, including a previous overview of plans for the First-Person Shooting element.

Aside from what was revealed in the interview linked above, all we've really known about the FPS module is that it's built using existing functions within CryEngine 3; core gameplay functionality similar to Crysis can be expected of Star Citizen.

Players will engage in first-person shooting combat when boarding enemy vessels or defending their own ships, including more advanced mechanics that allow disabling ship systems. Cloud Imperium Games CEO Chris Roberts previously indicated destruction of critical objects within the ship, with provided examples including shield generators or weapons batteries. All of that – and more – will be introduced in the coming months, but today's unveil starts things off with the simple joys of killing one another using infantry-sized weapons.

There's an FPS unveil livestream going on at the time of publication on the Roberts Space Industries website; if you missed that broadcast, you'll be able to play back the recording in short order. The broadcast showcases FPS gameplay in action, including firefights within ship cafeterias and bridges.

Star Citizen FPS screenshots can be found below. Note that the full FPS module will be available for release “soon,” according to our contact at CIG.


star-citizen-fps-01 star-citizen-fps-02 star-citizen-fps-03

star-citizen-fps-04 star-citizen-fps-05 star-citizen-fps-06

star-citizen-fps-07 star-citizen-fps-08 star-citizen-fps-09

star-citizen-fps-10 star-citizen-fps-11 star-citizen-fps-12


- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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