New Demigod in the Arena?

By Published August 12, 2009 at 10:20 pm

Gas Powered Games is still fueling their production with the power of patches.  GPG has announced that its newest demigod to be added to the arena is the "Demon Assassin," a melee-based unit fighting under the banner of Darkness.  Dual-wielding a sword and fighting knife, he's the kind of DPS that may just be enough to scare that rook away.  

According to "FrogBoy" of the Demigod forums, the Demon Assassin is a "highly mobile character, who can quickly close the gap between himself and his opponent through use of warp attacks."  Think of Erebus, but even more obnoxious.  Using a so-called Shadow Swap ability, the Demon Assassin swaps positions with the targeted demigod, possibly pulling enemies back into the midst of your allies. 


The Demon Assassin is also a fast attacker, and has a passive (as in always active) ability to critically strike!  He also has an ability which increases his dodge percentages, meaning there are lots of evasion-builds in our future.

Here's a quote from the forums (click Read More):



The nemesis to Regulus, the Demon Assassin is extremely fast and lethal.
Warp Strike – Key 1

Activated ability. Warps behind the targeted unit and performs an instant attack. Damage dealt increases as the skill increases.
Deadly Warp

Passive ability. Warp Strike has a high chance to critically strike.
Spine Attack – Key 2

Activated ability. Launches a barb from his tail, attacking an enemy at range. Damage dealt increases as the skill increases.
Warp Area – Ultimate – Key 3

Activated ability. For a few seconds, Demon Assassin warps to nearby enemies and attacks them. While performing this ability, he is invincible. Number of warps increases as the skill increases.
Forceful Blows

Passive Ability. Smaller enemies near targets of Warp Area are thrown into the air.
Shadow Swap – Key 4

Activated ability. Demon Assassin swaps places with an enemy Demigod. Distance increases as the skill increases.
Passive abilities

Demon Assassin’s chance to dodge normal attacks increases.
Demon’s Speed

Demon Assassin’s movement speed increases.


There you have it!  The new DG looks quite powerful, and should offer many more hours of play to the game.  As we said in our Demigod review, why not support this developer?

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