Star Citizen's "Hyper Vanguard Force IV" Arcade Mini-Game Now Live

By Published May 09, 2015 at 3:25 pm

In a move reminiscent of Far Cry's over-the-top, 80s-inspired “Blood Dragon” title, CIG has launched its “Hyper Vanguard Force IV” in-fiction mini-game using official Star Citizen ships. The arcade-style game draws basic concepts from the likes of Galaga, which is, consequently, one of a few arcade cabinets present at CIG's offices we toured.

The new mini-game can be played in web browsers and features official Star Citizen art, ships, and designs. Hyper Vanguard Force IV was created by Dave Richard and Christine Marsh of Montreal. In the issued press release, it was stated that “all styled in pixel art, it's like a Star Citizen game you would have played in the 80s.”

Players can hop into Hyper Vanguard Force IV for free and without a backer account. The game is accessible here:

- Steve “Lelldorianx” Burke.

Steve Burke

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