Week's Game News: Titanfall 2, WoW Server Shutdown, & More

By Published April 15, 2016 at 11:00 am

Game news this week kicks off the sequel to a game no one remembers. EA confirmed Titanfall 2 with a teaser trailer this week, announcing at the same time that the game would be on display in some form at their Play Event during E3. EA’s Play Event starts on June 12, and was set up because the company is skipping E3. So far, no other details have come out about the game, but you can expect to hear more about it in June.

Some sad news for many World of Warcraft fans this week. The popular private server Nostalrius, was shut down on April 10th. This comes following a cease and desist from Blizzard Entertainment. The Nostalrius server has allowed players to keep playing vanilla WoW as it was 13 years ago, pre-expansion, and is somewhat similar to Project 99 for EverQuest. Before being shut down, Nostalrius had over 150,000 active players. To signify the ending of the server, players got together to travel from the orc capital Orgrimmar to the Thunder Bluff cliffs -- where they jumped to their deaths. In addition, many attempted to stream the server’s final moments; however, the private server violated Twitch.Tv’s terms of service, and so to were the streams shutdown.

One of the ten thousand upcoming character-based-team-battle-arena-first-person-shooter games, Battleborn, entered open beta this week. Until April 18th, players on can hop on and try the game out for free. 2K previously said that nothing unlocked in this beta would carry over to full release of the game. For the most, part that still stands, but players in the beta can collect large numbers of ‘shards’ and redeem those ‘shards’ for lasting rewards. Those who collect enough ‘shards’ can unlock ‘gold’ skins that will be available in the full game.

Stardew Valley was also in the news this week. The indie farming RPG hit over a million sales since it was released two months ago, according to publisher Chucklefish Games. This also puts Stardew Valley under Ark and H1Z1 in Steam sales for 2016. For those not aware, Stardew Valley is a Harvest Moon style RPG. Players control a young man who inherits a farm from a grandfather. Like Harvest Moon, you’re expected to do all the things about a farm in which to turn a profit. We’re not yet sure how the game deals with corn subsidies though.

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