Steam Strikes Again

By Published November 29, 2009 at 3:45 pm

Steam's at it again with their holiday sales, and this time they have some decent games up.  From time of posting, you'll have 19 hours to cash in on these 50-75% off games before they go back to full price.  Here's the list -

Battlefield 2: Complete Collection - $14.99 (50%)
Trackmania United Forever - $19.99 (50%)
Prince of Persia - $14.99 (50%)
Guild Wars Trilogy - $24.99 (50%)
EVE Online: Apocrypha - $4.99 (75%)
World of Goo - $4.99 (75%)
Lucidity - $2.49 (75%)

Personally, I highly recommend BF2, but most people have that already.  Trackmania's demo is a fantastic game, so I'll probably go for the United Forever full version.  Prince of Persia has had stellar reviews this year, and for those of you into indie games, I can confirm good things about World of Goo.

Have at it!

~Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke

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Steve Burke

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