Major Killing Floor Update

By Published December 11, 2009 at 7:30 pm

Survival-Horror game Killing Floor released a major update, including several outstanding maps from the official Mapping Competition. The four new maps are based on the ocean, in subways, industrial cities, and classic urban storage units. If you don't have KF, don't worry - all owners of the game received two guest passes today. Check with your friends for the pass!

The new maps were described by Tripwire as follows:

KF-Icebreaker - Winner of the $10,000 grand prize in the mapping competition and one of the most ambitious, creative, and visually stunning Killing Floor maps ever made, Icebreaker is set on a large icebreaking ship that is pitching and rolling in the middle of a fierce storm.

KF-Departed - Winner of second place in the final wave of the mapping competition, Departed is a visually impressive level set in an industrial city area outside of London. Featuring hectic gameplay this map plays as good as it looks.

KF-Crash - Winner of third place in the final wave of the mapping competition, Crash is an impressive remake of a classic custom map for the original Killing Floor mod. The map is set in an urban storage facility where your team’s helicopter has crashed.

KF-FilthsCross - Winner of second place in the first wave of the mapping competition, FilthsCross is both incredibly fun and intense. Be warned, this map set in an Underground tube station is one of the most challenging Killing Floor maps ever made.

You can also get Defence Alliance 2, the first free mod for KF, on steam as a download. Tripwire noted that Mare Nostrum and Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 are 50% off until Monday.

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