Zombie Driver Demo Released

By CyberGrim Published January 22, 2010 at 4:47 pm

Imagine a game based solely around picking a car, modifying it to the extreme, and zipping around an open-world city whilst mowing down the walking dead. Sound awesome? Too right it does! That's exactly the premise of EXOR Studios' latest game, Zombie Driver. Check out the trailer for it now:

Gorgeous graphics and all the gore. Mmmmm, makes me think about the first time I picked up Dead Rising on the Xbox 360, just trying to think of a better and better way to destroy the living dead. Still not convinced? Check out the screenshots after the break!


What's even better than that video, or even the screenshots, is the fact that you can now download the demo directly on Steam. Let's play a little meta-game too, "How Long Can I Last Without Dropping the $10 on the Full Game?" It won't be nearly as long as you'd last in a zombie apocalypse.

Get the demo from here:



~Martin "CyberGrim" Baker

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