Halo: Reach Releases New Trailer

By Published April 22, 2010 at 10:07 pm

Microsoft and Bungie released a new video today for their highly anticipated prequel to the legendary Halo franchise.

Halo: Reach tells the story of Noble Team, a group of Spartan soldiers who risked everything to save Reach from the encroaching Covenant. Their failure would mean the alien race would have a clear shot at Earth. Humanity's last hope (just like the first few times).

Noble Team will not stop, will not fail, and will not stand down. It's up to you to help them achieve that goal.

Halo: Reach is scheduled to hit stores this Autumn in the customary three formats: Standard Edition ($60),Limited Edition ($70) and the Legendary Edition ($110). Halo 3 gave you the chance to 'Finish the Fight'. Now you have a chance to start it.

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