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By Published June 20, 2010 at 12:55 pm

Out of the multitude of things announced at E3 this year, I had been prepared for most of them. That 'impact factor' is lost when we know a game is going to be shown, because there is almost always a leaked video leading up to it. One game that I really wasn't expecting was another iteration of the Driver franchise. So when Driver: San Francisco was announced, I was almost literally floored.

Driver: San Francisco
has the player once again controlling Tanner, the undercover police officer from the first three Driver games, as he takes on the criminal underworld of San Francisco in his trusty Dodge Challenger. The secret I want him to reveal? Where he finds parking in San Francisco.


Hopefully you're all as excited as I am, and if you're not, here's a trailer direct from E3 that should do the trick just fine.

For those who like owning toy cars in lieu of their expensive counterparts, a replica model of the Dodge Challenger will be given out with the Collector's Edition, which also includes a map of San Francisco and two exclusive in-game vehicles. What's more? The also give collectors an entire game mode called 'Mass Chase,' wherein the entire SF police force is chasing you, a wrongly accused criminal, and you must escape them all in order to prove your innocence. Sounds good enough for me to be getting it!

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