APB 1.3 Patch First Look

By Published July 16, 2010 at 12:45 pm

APB: All Points Bulletin received poor reviews right from the start, in part due to the excessive number of severe defects shipped with the game, the balance and matchmaking, and general frustrations. Luckily, the developers are listening to us (kind of), and they've responded with a large list of fixes to be released in the 1.3 patch. According to Neil Castle, you can look forward to these fixes and enhancements:

Critical Bugs, Exploits, and Crashes

  • A client crash that can occur when accepting a clan invite has been addressed.
  • A rare crash that occurred when players vehicles collide no longer occurs.
  • Choosing to replay the intro videos no longer causes some players to crash.
  • A rare server crash that was caused by a player switching their weapons via the inventory has been addressed.
  • A wall in Block 20 that lacked collision now has collision.
  • Numerous mission spawn volumes have been altered to prevent potential issues.
  • Players are no longer able to see opposed enemy players through walls by looking at a destroyed vehicle husk.


  • Players should now receive random rewards from contacts other than Double-B and Wilson LeBoyce.
  • Mission related vehicles in a critical condition will now continue to lose health even after their related mission has been completed.
  • Living City drivers no longer remain calm when their vehicles are on fire.
  • Selling items to contacts no longer results in the error message 'SALE FAILED'
  • Survival missions now function correctly.
  • The ‘Supermag’ weapon upgrade no longer upgrades both the clip and the magazine size.
  • Crouched players are now able to stand up by pressing the jump button.
  • Amendments have been made to various ‘camping spots’ in both the Financial and Waterfront Action Districts.


And there are dozens more! For a full list of bug fixes and enhancements, visit the official list here.

What do you think? Will these fixes be enough to set the game on a path to victory? Has the damage already been done by the primarily poor review scores (see Metacritic, which places it at an average 59 as of posting).

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