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By GN Published November 09, 2008 at 1:07 pm

In spirit of the upcoming Holiday Season, Audiosurf and Eets are available on Steam for a record-breaking $2.49.  Being the cheapest games available on Steam recently, you might want to check them out - don't miss this opportunity!

Audiosurf: Audiosurf is a game where you can play your music using a car speeding down the symbolic frets of a music-highway.  It's similar to Guitar Hero, only more extreme and to your own music; hell, you could play the game to the soundtrack of The Simpsons if you wanted to!  You can learn more about audiosurf here:

Eets: Unfortunately, none of the GN staff have played this obscure puzzle game yet, but being that it is available for only $2.49 someone will probably try it soon.  The game is a mix of oldskool Lemmings and Rube Goldberg-style puzzle games.  There is a built-in puzzle editor, from which you can release your creations to the public for free download.  According to the Developer, there are currently over 200 user-made puzzles.

Click "Read More" to see our holiday gaming list!  Find the best upcoming games here on The Gamers Nexus!

Steam has also begun distributing the game Mount & Blade, for only $29.99.  Mount & Blade is an RPG with RTS elements thrown into it.  You can command full-scale armies against (actually Intelligent) AI-controlled warbands.  "Mount & Blade has the most entertaining and well-balanced mounted-combat I've ever seen!" Said Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke, who will be reviewing the game in the coming weeks.  You can check out more about Mount & Blade here (Steam), or at the official website here.

In other related news, Call of Duty: World at War will be released by Treyarch Games on November 11th, available for pre-order now.  Players who pre-order World at War will receive a free-unlockable M1A1 Rifle in-game.  You can learn more about World at War and the rest of the CoD series below, where registrants are also accepted into an open-beta until the release.

Finally, a few other already-released games might be worth looking into, we won't go into depth, but here they are:

Red Alert 3 by EA Games (RTS)
Fallout 3 by Bethesda Softworks (RPG/FPS)
Far Cry 2 by Ubisoft Montreal (FPS) (Trailer below)

Also look forward to Zombie-shooter Left 4 Dead, coming out on November 18th for PC and Xbox 360.  See the outstanding trailer here:


There's the shortbread of a pro gamer's christmas shopping list, now get your "friends" to prove their worth by visiting our site and finding a game for you!


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