Hardware Sales - $175 RX 480, $120 16GB G.SKILL DDR4-3400 RAM

By Published January 28, 2017 at 4:54 pm

DRR4 has seen some price increases as of late. This could be due in part to Intel’s recent release of Kaby Lake and AMD’s soon to be released Ryzen, both of which require DRR4, but shortages in supply are not uncommon (especially with SMT lines ramping-up for SSDs). Graphics card prices across both nVidia and AMD have finally come to a stabilization point, and some savings can be had on a few GPUs from both vendors.

MSI Radeon RX 480 Armor 4GB ($175) - The RX 480 has seen some price drops recently, and this MSI RX 480 Armor 4GB card is available over at Newegg for $175 (or $155 after rebate). MSI’s RX 470 Armor 4GB is also available for $170 or $155 after rebate, making the RX 480 4GB variant the better price option at the time of writing. The RX 480 Armor comes with 4GB of video memory on a 256-bit bus, with a core clock of 1120MHz and boost cock of 1291MHz. The deal on the MSI Radeon RX 480 Armor 4GB runs until Wednesday February 1st.

G.SKILL TridentZ 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3400 RAM ($120) - Newegg is running a sale on a kit of G.Skill’s Trident Z Series 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3400 in red and gunmetal gray. The Trident Z series is G.SKILL’s higher end SKUs and this kit comes in at 3400MHz and timed at 16-16-18-38. The G.Skill TridentZ 16GB (2x8GB) kit is on sale at Newegg through Wednesday February 1st.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW Hybrid ($440) - Newegg is currently having a sale on the EVGA GTX 1070 FTW Hybrid for $440. This is the regular EVGA FTW Edition PCB, with a liquid cooler for better overclocking and thermals. The EVGA 1070 FTW Hybrid sports 8GB of GDDR5 memory on a 256-bit bus, with a base and boost clocks of 1607MHz and 1797MHz respectively. This is a decent discount on the EVGA GTX 1070 FTW Hybrid, the exact same card is on Amazon for $503.41 at the time of writing. The sale on Newegg runs until Monday, January 30th.

Corsair STRAFE RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Red) ($110) - Both Amazon and Newegg have the Corsair STRAFE RGB Keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches available for $110. This was one of the featured keyboards in GamersNexus’ Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2016 article, and back in November of 2016 this keyboard was listed at $140. The STRAFE RGB at this price comes with Cherry MX Red switches, it is also available with Cherry MX Brown switches for $130. If you would like a more in depth look at the Corsair STRAFE RGB Keyboard check out our review. The sale runs on Newegg through Monday January 30th.

- Ryan Greenberg

Last modified on January 28, 2017 at 4:54 pm
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